About Us

Our Vision Is....

Through our Christian ethos and core values, the school's mission is to provide each unique child with an enriched education so that they become well-rounded, caring and confident individuals who live life in all its fullness within their community and God's world .

Inclusion Statement

Low Furness CE Primary School has high ambitions for all its pupils and expects them to participate and achieve in every aspect of school life.Our commitment to equal opportinities is an important aspect of our overall commitment to being a fully inclusive school.

Low Furness CE Primary School aims to:

  • Set suitable learning challenges.
  • Respond to pupil's diverse needs.
  • Overcome potential barriers to learning for individuals and groups of pupils

We welcome all pupils and staff;irrespective of race,colour,creed or impairment.Every member of staff shares the responsibility to remove the barriers to learning for all pupils, including those with a disability.

We are commited to offering an inclusive curriculum to ensure the best possible progress for all our pupils,whatever their needs or abilities.Not all pupils with SEN meet the difinition of disability.

If a teacher,or you as a parent,feel that your child is experiencing difficulties at school we will be pleased to discuss the difficulties so that we can decide together what is best for your child.We believe that the closer we work together the more successful any help will be.Many problems can be sorted out easily by matching the level of help to the needs of the child with step-by-step programmes.Sometimes it is felt that a child needs a particular kind of help,in which case the help of specialists from outside school may be valuable.

All our systems and procedures are designed to enable all children to be included in all we do,so all children at Low Furness CE Primary School are therefore included fully in the life of the school.