Assessment & Testing

All the children in school are assessed continuously by their class teacher. This is carried out by marking each piece of work, observing work in the class, asking your child questions and through specific assessments such as quizzes and some formal tests. The assessments are in line with National Curriculum criteria. In Reception, children take part in continual assessments that form their Profile using the DCSF Early Learning Goals. These assessments are made throughout the first year of their attendance at school and form the basis of their annual report to parents.

In Year 2 (aged 7) and Year 6 (aged 11) the children will be assessed through the Standard Assessment Tests (SAT’s) and these results will be reported to parents. In Year 2 the majority of the assessments are Teacher Assessments and are based upon regular class work and activities. In Year 6 the assessments are more formal and cover work that has been covered throughout their time in Key Stage 2. It is important that the children are relaxed and well prepared for these assessments therefore we ask that children are in school during these test periods.

All assessments are carried out in an atmosphere that encourages children to feel at ease and achieve their highest possible standards.