The school is well equipped and places ICT at the centre of its approach to teaching. At present the ratio of computers to children is approximately 1:3, allowing us to use our outstanding ICT resources on a regular basis and developing children’s skills and confidence in ICT effectively. All classrooms benefit from Interactive Whiteboards, mini suites and broadband internet connections. The school currently offers a Virtual Learning Environment. Current developments are aimed at allowing children to access their work from school, home or any point with an internet connection. ICT technology can be a great asset to learning and life but parents, teachers and children need to be aware of the dangers. At Low Furness C.E. Primary School the children have access to computers and use the Internet freely although the school network does have a Smart filter. We have an Internet agreement at school which staff; all children and parents are asked to sign. A copy of the agreement is available from the school office. We ask all members of our school community to remain SMART when using ICT in any form i.e. computers, email, the Internet, Virtual Learning Environment etc. S.M.A.R.T Keep Safe – Do not disclose your personal information. Don’t Meet up – Never meet an online friend or anyone you have met through technology. Accepting emails – Accepting emails from an unknown source can be dangerous. Do not open junk mail. Be Reliable – Remember people might not be who they say they are. Remember "Stranger Danger"! Tell someone – Always report anything which is suspicious or that makes you feel uncomfortable or worried. Our Vision for ICT We will safeguard pupils from access to inappropriate materials by raising awareness amongst pupils, staff and parents of e-safety issues. We will equip the children with the necessary skills to enable them to deal with future technological innovation and change in the 21st century both for their future economic well-being and their own personal development. We will promote the highest achievement across a broad range of educational opportunity by embedding ICT across the curriculum. Speaking & Listening IMAGE TO ADD We will sustain a range of CPD opportunities for senior managers and staff to enable them to direct decision making in order to focus on improvements in teaching and learning rather than on resources alone. We will monitor the impact of new technologies across the curriculum and embed ICT into whole school improvement.