Religous Education

As we are a Church school, Religious Education at Low Furness is based on Christianity, but takes account of other religious faiths represented in this country. Religious Education by law must be taught and is the only subject from which both individual teachers and children may be excused.  Religious Education is given in accordance with the Cumbria Diocese. agreed syllabus and parents do have the right to withdraw a child from such instruction and from school assemblies. Any parent wishing their child to be excluded from religious education and collective worship should see the Headteacher. 

The school places emphasis on the importance of children having a sense of responsibility and consideration for others. We aim to foster in the children a sense of their own identity and worth, as individuals, as members of a group and as future adult members of society.  Stories taken from the Bible, as well as more modern texts, are used to illustrate such themes as friendship, tolerance, etc. The Headteacher, staff, visitors and the children themselves take assemblies on a regular basis. We also have strong ties with the local Church.

Ten carefully selected Christian Values underpin our school ethos and curriculum and form a basis for all religous instruction. Each of these is visited in more depth on a half termly basis.

The Values are Respect, Friendship, Forgiveness, Honesty, Hope, Kindness, Love, Peace, Compassion and Trust.