Homework Policy

Homework and home-based activities greatly enhance all school based work and children’s learning. All children will be given a variety of activities to do at home. Sometimes this will be reading, spelling, writing or maths related. At other times it may be topic work to complete or to research, or simply because a child wants to have work to do at home. Children in Reception to Year 6 take a reading book home every night and we expect all children to read to a parent on a regular basis.

All children are provided with a Low Furness book-bag and a home – school reading record. It is very important that any homework is completed in a relaxed, quiet atmosphere where your child can fully concentrate upon their work. Parents are asked to sign and write a comment in their child’s Reading Record on a regular basis and to sign and date any specific homework booklet that is given by class teachers.

Homework is an integral part of the education we provide for your children and we hope that you are willing to support your children whilst they are tackling challenges at home. Alongside weekly spellings and daily reading, homework will be sent home and details will be outlined in the homework book. The nature of this will vary depending on the priorities in each classroom at the time. This homework book is where homework is set and should be completed. Each piece of work will be dated and a date for completion will be shown. Please feel free to write any comments you wish to share under the piece of work and these will be responded to by the class teacher if necessary. Thank you for your continued support.