Year 1+2

Welcome to Year 1 and 2!

Your teacher is Miss Martin, supported by the wonderful teaching assistants Mrs Taplin, Mrs Stubbs,Mrs Shaw and Modern Apprentice Miss Roker.

In our class you will also meet several trainee teachers and teaching assistants at different times during the year.

We feel we are a very unique and special school, with a strong emphasis on family and community involvement.

We are very fortunate to have a wonderful building and fantastic outdoor spaces. We make full use of these to facilitate our learning, making it fun! We strive to provide a wealth of experiences that enable all of our pupils to succeed. Within our class it is important to us that everyone feels valued and achieves their best.


Following the Rose report phonics teaching has high priority in KS1 following on to KS2 for those children who need it. Daily phonics sessions take place on a 6 phase basis tailored and differentiated to individual children’s ability. Games and activities take place which enable children to hear, recognise read and write each of the 44 phonemes in the English language, leading to the segmenting and blending of these sounds enabling them to read and write words. At Low Furness we use the Phonics Bug scheme to deliver the National Scheme of Letters and Sounds.

Reading scheme

Reading books are graded by difficulty by reading levels known as Book Bands. Each Book Band has its own colour. The chart below gives an indication of the range of Book band levels at which most children will be reading as they progress through Low Furness Primary School.

The chart shows the progress of an 'average' child but no child is 'average' so no child makes smooth progress precisely this way. Children tend to learn in fits and starts - periods of growth followed by periods of consolidation when their progress seems to halt for a while.The periods where you don't see rapid progress may appear worrying , especially after a 'growth spurt', but they are important as your child develops confidence using and applying their newly acquired skills.

Book Bands and expected progress

Book band



Reception term 1/2


Reception Term 3


Year 1 term 1


Year 1 term 2


Year 1 term 3


Year 2 term 1


Year 2 term 1/2


Year 2 term 2


Year 2 term 3


Year 2 term 3


Year 2 term 3


Year 3


Year 4

Dark blue

Year 5

Dark Pink/Red

Year 6

Red +

Year 6


We use a variety of books for teaching children to read, e.g. Oxford, Bug Club, Rigby and Reading Champion.

All these books are banded to correspond with the Book Band levels.

Reading is also taught through Guided Reading using various sets of texts , using the schemes Bug Club, Rigby and Pelican.

If you are ever worried about your child's progress, please talk to their class teacher.